Synthesis Part II : Dreams

The Entrepreneur

My friend Abram has started a trail running business, and has built up enough adventure experience to finally crack the mainstream. I’m proud of him. If you’re looking for adventure with some luxe, by all means check him out.

I’ve tried my hand in a similar space for a while, but getting traction while having the tech job is not easy. Personal growth is slow, but again, this is part of it. But it really did get me thinking about my own failure to manifest thought to form.

I’m not panicked. I’m not worried. I’m psyched. This means that it going to happen.

While it sucks to have reality hit you in the face, I fucking love it. I will go out of my way to avoid it - we all do. I will run flat out, uphill, in the red, as far away as I can get from acknowledging my failures. We’re trained to do do that. But. When exposed in polite conversation, reality punches you in the face. And it is absolutely the best feeling in the world. You remember what you are you aiming for. You remember what you’re trying to accomplish.

The obligatory and oblique reference to running 100 miles should be obvious.

The Dreams

So I had to ask myself. What do I want to do? What space do I want to play in?

  • I want to be familiar, to be a neighbor, in a variety of places. Cascadia, Hawaii, the Sierra, Phoenix and Flagstaff, El Paso and Hill Country, and everywhere in Colorado.

  • I want to travel to places I don’t yet know and meet folks who do know them well.

  • I want to play in the mountains as a climber, a skier, a runner and an alpinist.

  • I want to play in the mathematical physics space, and even help with educating interested people.

  • I want to create visual art. I want make videos and stills that helps promote mindful consideration of logic, science, adventure and nutrition. To promote a new sort of human culture that strives away physically consumable objects and ties to a specific place, to one that engages new people in new spaces, and really explores both the depths of the human mind as well as the body. To really incentivize folks to live by trying hard. To promote sheer effort and willpower. To acknowledge the roots of depression and oppression and to take advantage of the raw power of our present technology and cultural openness to eliminate its stranglehold over our capabilities. To see it for what it is - and therefore to see ourselves for what we are - living organisms in a complex system with an enormous capacity for.

  • I want to resolve the conflict between a being tied to a place and wandering my spaces. Somehow I think that’s tied up with the conflicting paradigms of ownership and stewardship.

Synthesizing these dreams into strategies is our next installment, and a good chuck of the hard work.