Synthesis Part III : Strategy

Word Vomit

I don’t think I’ve ever had to vomit during a race. After a race, absolutely. I puked on the feet of my friend Katie after finishing my first 100 Miler at Bighorn. I almost puked on Jamil while ordering beers after the finish of an impromptu running of the Whiskey Basin 55k (props to Jubilee for letting me sign up at check in!).

Waves of post run nausea are explainable. Your body knows its done, and gets to cool down. If you’re nauseous during a race, you probably went off nutrition or have pushed too hard. So far I’ve been lucky to avoid much of that. The heat at Javelina was a notable exception, and a good reminder that you can’t always strategize your way out of suffering.

Of course, you can prepare for suffering. Some folks have embraced nausea as a part of our sport. Some appear to actively train for it. While it’s fair to say that I’m not much of a beer miler, using the silly and fun to motivate serious training is a flavor of strategy I can get behind.

Joyful Aside

On a quick run Fremont, I was listening to cuttings from the Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack. I’m not sure what inspired me to drag that up - although it harkens back to a complicated relationship with life in graduate school.

There is so much to say here, but my soul congealed on three main ideas. First, freedom - the life worth living - requires a vessel. Second, so much of our own stupid, self-involved, ill-conceived bullshit creates ridiculous scenarios that, when so presented, require outrageous feats of bridge burning and bullet dodging to avoid being captured, pinned down and otherwise held from moving forward. Jack Sparrow is not an honorable character but he is a human one. Third, classical music is extremely powerful, and I am shocked that It’s not more popular.

This is a blog series on progression. So what? These thoughts represent a way forward. This may be an observation only a mathematician could love, but the fact that I could see that a solution did exist unleashed a torrent of joy that I had to fight to stay on my feet.


  1. Documentation over Production. I lifted this from Gary Vanyerchuk. Not only is this approach easier to implement, it also cuts harder and gets closer to the truth. Since we live on the tail now, and authenticity is back in style, its better to leave the high production stuff to the professionals.

  2. Unravel the things. All the things. You do it anyway, just formalize it. Take a working holiday, just be explicit about it. Listen to classical music loudly. Wear your western hat on the runs. Only promise the things you want on your horizon. Yeah this sounds vague, I just don’t have a clear picture on this yet. But I know what the spirit is. I think the moral here is accept that you are different and will annoy, disappoint, and confound others.

  3. FILGO. Yes. FILGO.