How to plan around a waitlist


Hardrock is a hard race to get into, and I blew it on my first chance. But fortune smiled coyly, i’m fourteenth on the waitlist this year. The sense of community that race projected blew me away, as did the course.

But you see, I don’t have a qualifier for 2020.

Ideally that qualifier would be Hardrock itself - good for three years - but failing that I can see three other options.


This was my first 100M, and I still dream about that mountain range. It was as spectacular as it was grueling, with unusually cold and wet conditions. The problem is twofold. First, I’ve got myself somehow placed in the San Diego waitlist, which would conflict. Second, the Hardrock waitlist moves a lot quicker in June than it does in February, so I probably wouldn’t know my fate until after Bighorn was done.

Mogollon Monster

This is a race I’ve been psyched on since I’ve seen some of Jamil’s videos from the trial. It looks outrageous, and over the last two years I’ve really come to love Arizona. This race is in the middle of September, which means that I will have to punt another 100 I am very excited about, Gary’s new course at Whistler Alpine Meadows race. I’ve been dreaming of that race since I heard rumors he was planning it.


East Coast! I’ve yet to run a trial race out here, and this one is in October. It looks properly difficult and will be a completely new venue. What’s not to love. I’m not sure it makes sense to try WAM and Grindstone together, so this approach would be mentally challenging.


Every year starts with the same vow to minimize the number of races. Every winter seems to end with a horrendous string of registrations. I don’t know how I’m going to negotiate all these miles, but I do know that a solid training program starts now. In the dead of winter. Amidst the most epic snow Seattle has seen in decades.

Damn! I love this stuff.